Development montage

Downtown Richmond is growing into a mecca for creative, unique homes. Whether you are buying or leasing, options are abundant — from the historic restoration of fabulous old buildings to the new construction of sleek high rises and modern town homes.

The imagination of developers converting old places into new spaces has gone wild. There is a “wow” factor that you can’t find anywhere else. Imagine living in a former car dealership, a paper plant, a tobacco warehouse, an insurance headquarters, an armory, a bakery, a school or even in the Fountain of Deliverance.

Urban living has all the modern comforts of home that you’d expect to find anywhere — granite, stainless steel, jacuzzis, fireplaces, garages — yet so much more, like rooftop decks and one-minute commutes. There are tons of restaurants within walking distance, and many are locally owned. The views from downtown are unbelievable, from water towers to white-water rapids, from skylines to pristine landscapes, from spaghetti works to railroad tracks, from sunbathers to joggers, from vast fields of trees to blue herons and eagles — and in some lofts you can see it all.

“Energy,” “authenticity,” “sense of community,” “spirit of creativity” and “innovation” are all terms that downtown residents use to describe their 21st-century lifestyle. They exude a passion for downtown. Individuality and attitude abound. You can be anonymous or be a regular with the “Cheers” factor, where everyone knows your name at the locally owned restaurants, bakeries, coffee shops and bars. The choice is yours.

So, come explore the downtown lifestyle and check out some of the developments as well as the resale listings. You’ll truly be “wowed” by what you see.

Check out some of the latest development projects featured in the 2016 Downtown Development Update — over 2,149 lofts have recently been completed or are underway.

2016 Downtown Development Snapshot