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Friday Cheers Archives 2010

2010 schedule

May 7

Lee Brice

Lee Brice with Puddleduck

When Lee Brice first entered the country consciousness with the Top 30 hit “She Ain’t Right” in 2007, his voice carrying over FM radio waves like honey trickling through lines of melody etched in leather, his rugged sound and raw emotion spoke for a new generation of Nashville recording artists. “I love what I’m hearing on the radio today,” Brice said. “People aren’t trying to be perfect or slick anymore. It reminds me of records back in the day, when everything sounded like it was played live. I’d love it if someday people could look back on what I’m doing now too and say, ‘When Lee Brice came around, something changed in a positive way.’ ” As follow-up singles “Happy Endings,” “Upper Middle Class White Trash” and “Love Like Crazy” have doggedly climbed the charts, Brice has continued to change the landscape of country with images inspired by the Carolina backcountry where he was raised.

May 21

Trombone Shorty

Railroad Earth with 6-Day Bender

The members of Railroad Earth aren’t losing sleep about what “kind” of music they play - they just play it. When they started out in 2001, they were a bunch of guys interested in playing acoustic instruments together. As Railroad Earth violin/vocalist Tim Carbone recalls, “All of us had been playing in various projects for years, and many of us had played together in different projects. But this time, we found ourselves all available at the same time.”

May 28

Stephen Kellogg

Stephen Kellogg and the Sixers with William Walter & Co.

Look no further than the title track of their new Vanguard debut album “The Bear” to understand Stephen Kellogg and The Sixers. As the band sings passionately, “Sometimes you get the bear, sometimes the bear gets you. Sometimes you’re gonna win, sometimes you’re gonna lose…but you know in the end – there's no apologies!” “SK6ERS,” as they’re also affectionately known, have carved a determined, inspiring path since forming in Western Massachusetts in 2003. An exceptional live act given to high-energy showmanship, The Sixers are closing in on their 1,000th show with a newfound grit and gratitude. Stephen and core Sixers – Kit “Goose” Karlson (keys, bass, tuba, accordion) and Brian “Boots” Factor (drums, mandolin, banjo) — are friends who act like brothers and switch off on their instruments to keep it fresh, much in the tradition of their collective heroes The Band. “We’ve all opted to approach our life in the same way – trying to put integrity ahead of ambitions of fame and fortune, though we’d like that too ... at least the fortune part,” Stephen says with a laugh.

June 4

Karl Denson

Karl Denson’s Tiny Universe with DJ Williams Projekt

From a pressure cooker of rhythm, Karl Denson's Tiny Universe brings forth the most delicious variety of grooves ever sampled by a listener’s feet. Led by Karl Denson, who over the past 15 years has collaborated with such luminaries as Lenny Kravitz and The Greyboy Allstars, Tiny Universe creates a dynamic sound that defies categorization. The band members — Denson (vocals, tenor and alto sax), Brian Jordan (flute and guitar), Chris Stillwell (bass), David Veith (keyboard), Chris Littlefield (trumpet) and John Staten (drums) — have earned a reputation as kings of the unstoppable all-night show.

June 11

Emmitt-Nershi Band

Emmitt-Nershi Band with A Good Natured Riot

The Emmitt-Nershi Band has fully realized its potential. With Drew Emmitt (Leftover Salmon) on mandolin and vocals and Bill Nershi (String Cheese Incident) on acoustic guitar and vocals, ENB delivers a dynamic blend of bluegrass, newgrass, country and Americana that is sure to excite fans of all those genres and more. Featuring special guests Jason Carter (Del McCoury Band), Keith Moseley (String Cheese Incident) and others!

June 18

Deer Tick

Deer Tick with Former Champions

Deer Tick is an American indie folk band from Providence, R.I., led by guitarist and singer-songwriter John McCauley. Deer Tick’s music has often been described as a combination of folk, blues and country with a strong grunge influence. McCauley is known for his distinct gruff voice. The band began as McCauley’s solo project in December 2004. Beginning his touring career with a lot of help from Brendon Massei (Viking Moses), McCauley had toured extensively across the U.S. by the age of 19. He released three tapes and numerous CD-Rs in this time period and eventually settled into what is now known as Deer Tick. After almost one year of continuous touring, McCauley came home to Providence, R.I., with a new found confidence and a number of songs including “Dirty Dishes,” “Art Isn’t Real (City Of Sin)” and “Ashamed.” The group released its first studio album “War Elephant” on Sept. 4, 2007. “War Elephant” was re-released by Partisan Records on Nov. 11, 2008. In May 2009, the band was the first band profiled on BriTunes, the Web-only music interview program hosted by “NBC Nightly News” anchor Brian Williams. The band released their second album, “Born on Flag Day,” on June 23, 2009. The record was released by Partisan Records.

June 25


The Dynamites featuring Charles Walker with Whirlybyrd

Walker deserves his due after decades as an unsung musical hero. He first became a professional entertainer in his native Nashville in the late 1950s, recording with hit producer Ted Jarrett and appearing nightly at the New Era Club, one of the South’s leading black nightclubs. Walker spent most of the 1960s and ‘70s in New York, performing frequently at the Apollo Theater and Small’s Paradise when the original funk scene coalesced. Fronting various bands, including the criminally underrated Little Charles and the Sidewinders, Walker released singles for Chess, Decca, and a number of smaller labels. The records failed to hit the big time, but their quality endured and are now prized among collectors. After the recordings gained notice in Europe’s Northern Soul scene, Walker found steady solo work overseas, and he lived in England and Spain before returning to Music City in the 1990s.